As mentioned we specialize in photographs damage from fire and flood and their repair, but as this is Photo-ER's particular specialty our photo repair and photo restoration services are not limited to just those areas.  The many examples of repaired images through out our photo gallery pages of this site are depictive of the numerous capabilities and offerings.  We provide superior care and handling when it comes to photo repair, photo enhancement and photo restoration, old antique photo's in addition to modern imaging.

We use the most up to date software and laptopelite including the latest Photoshop imaging software programs to achieve the highest level of photo repair services and complete photo repair and preservation possible.  Updating continually with an array of sophisticated complimentary software allows us to be up on the cutting edge of the newest technology to repair your old photos, colorize and restoring images. Including, tinting and photograph repair of your most severely damaged images to your complete satisfaction.

From smoke damaged, fire damaged or water damaged photos, renewing old antique photographs, coloring restored photos or their enhancement.  We can bring your memories back to life with affordable restoration.  Chicago, Illinois area location serving you wherever disaster strikes. Use our "Ordering and Quotations" form for no obligation prices for photo repair and restoration.

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The ER for Photo Restoration and Photo Repair, slide images and printing from those old photo negatives

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"Photo E.R." is the primary Photograph Repair care department that provides initial treatment for photographs and memorabilia suffering from a broad range of damage that requires immediate care and photo repair.  Forty years experience in the fields of art, photography and photo restoration "Photo E.R." provides you with the professional care and talent your treasured mementoes deserves.

We are specialists in photo repair services, digital photo repair and antique image photo restoration.  We limit our E.R. practice to only those areas where we can provide you with the best treatment possible. If the damage requires a diagnosis, we will provide that at no charge and prices for your photo repair.

Our experience with insurance loss photo repairs, particularly fire and water damaged photographs, providing you with the source for repair of your memorabilia damaged in any peril. We work with your agent to provide the best diagnosis and the repairs required to help you with your claim all with the most professional experience available.

Photo images and memorabilia are rarely thought of as being covered under your insurance policy. Depending on your policy, your photographs are covered as your personal property. That scrap book, wedding album, antique photo heirlooms are important and if at all possible, can be restored with the proper care and attention.

When a peril strikes and damage affects your treasured photos, before you trash a precious memento contact your insurance agent then go to the "Photo E.R." for photo repair and photo restoration treatment.

Other offered Photo Repair and Photo Restoration services:

fire damage photo Repair

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Please print our PDF file "Photo First Aid" guide.  Containing important information to help in the photo preservation and Photo Repair process.

Wate Damage phto repair Stuck together photo repair

Has Water damge stuck your photos together?

One of our Specialties is to save them!!!!!


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Stuck together photo repair
Photo-ER separates stuck together photos from prolonged water damage for photo repair and photo restoration preserving your presious memories:

How often is a storage area, basement, garage or attic been affected by water damage? Photo damage that goes undetected for quite some time. Once discovered you find that those personal possessions including your precious photographs have been water damaged and then began drying unnoticed into a solid brick of memories. Photos hopelessly fused together are yout life's memories now reduced to images stuck between two pieces of photo paper requiring photo repair and immediate photo restoration attention.

Unaware what is sealed together an individual attempt is made to try and separate those photos. Images are destroyed in this process and sadly are reduced to trash. Photo-ER has developed and made available a process to separate and reclaim those memories. Memories to be cherished again for years and future generations to come.

Natural disasters affect thousands yearly from water damage not to mention that water damage experienced by individual homeowners due to minor mishaps. Unfortunately those photo memories are just pitched without knowing that Photo-ER is the ER "Emergency Room". The ER for photo repair and photo restoration will bring your photographs and memories back to life from those past eras, present days and all for your future enjoyment including your friends and family.

We invite you to view our informative web site, our examples, services and capabilities to restore and preserve those precious memories that are so very important to you. Photo-ER believes "What was a moment in time now damaged will never be lost by us"! Photo-ER is the photo repair and photo restoration emergency room specialists.


Selecting Your Photo Repair Service!

Selecting a source for your Photo Repair and Photo Restoration services is as important as selecting your Doctor.

A ER, emergency room, doctor requires many years of education and experience is before one is considered a credible"Specialist" in their field. When selecting someone to handle those very precious memories for Photo Repair or Photo Restoration you should do the same.

When treating elderly patients a specialist; must work and rely on the experiences of his past in diagnosing and to successfully treat the present. This is the same that you should expect of your photo repair and Photo restoration specialist when it comes to repairing those antique photographs of the past for preservation well into the future.

Knowledge of the past, the photographic papers, film, grain, film processing, and actual hands on experience all contributes to the highest quality Photo Repair and finished reproduction that is possible. Be it an antique image or a modern one.

Some Photo Repair and photo restoration services offer a one price fits all. We cannot say enough but for you to beware. Each photograph is individual in it's degree of damage, age, quality and finish. This cannot have the proper successful restoration if assembly line treatment is diagnosed as the remedy. Photo-ER is the "Experienced Specialist" in treating your Photo Repair and photo resotroation on a by case basis, our ER patients will be around for generations.








Photo Damaged
Photo Repair Completed

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Water Damged Photographs
You are most welcome to use the photo on your website. I hope that it is helpful to you. The examples of your work were why I contacted you in the first place. Your work was most definitely much higher quality than many other sites I had seen, and I will absolutely keep you in mind for anything else that comes along. I've already mentioned what you were able to do with the photo to a number of my friends. They were all very much impressed.

Thanks again. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you.
Water Damaged Photo, Restored Preserved


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We work with you, your insurance agent and adjuster to assure your complete satisfaction when it comes to fire, wind or water damage requiring Photo Repair and Photo Restoration.

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