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Generally, your photographs and memorabilia are included under your "personal Property" coverage of your homeowner's policy or renter's policy if that is the case. Check with your insurance agent for your specific coverage and to what degree. This coverage varies amongst insurance carriers and unless it is a private collection with an appraised value, it does not require a separate rider.

Your policy carries a limit of the coverage of all personal property that in the circumstance of a loss varies with the degree of the loss and the limit you had set. Of course, your priorities will concentrate on returning your life to normal and your memorabilia are a part of that. It is highly unlikely you would consider every damaged photograph but certain items of genealogy and those of importance to you are insured. Since a deductible will normally apply to a loss it is recommended that damaged photographs be included in the initial claim of damages.

In the event of a loss, contact your agent and "Photo E.R.", we will work with you and your agent to your satisfaction concerning your Photograph Restoration needs.

Download our PDF file "Memorabilia Inventory" to aid you prior too or in the event of a sustained loss.


Damage to photographs can range from smoke accumulation to outright consumption by the flames. Water and surface damage can also occur due to the efforts of the first responders in their attempt to extinguish the flames, which is likely. If the photograph provides enough to work with "Photo E.R." can restore and preserve what otherwise might have been considered trash.

In the case of severe damage, we prefer to work from the actual damaged material in other instances from a good scan of the photograph at 300dpi. We will work with you to arrange transport of your original and guarantee the finest care and handling during all phases of the restoration process.

Unless you have a specific rider to your insurance policy, most insurers do not cover water damage due to floods.

Water damage suffered due to a leaky roof, water pipe bursting, appliance failures and damage sustained from first responders to a fire are among perils that are covered. (Consult with your insurer regarding other occurrences and situations.)


Staining, spotting, mildew and mold are usually the damages that are sustained most frequently. "Photo E.R." can in most cases work from a good 300dpi quality scan of the damaged photograph. In severe cases where mold and mildew damage prevents recognizing the image we have methods to work from the original to produce excellent restoration. See "Salvaging" listed below.

In the event of an occurrence due to wind, vandalism, water or fire, surface damage to photographs might occur directly or indirectly. Whether cracked, scratched, torn, missing parts or stained in most cases this type of damage normally is covered under your insurance policy. In most cases, the only requirement is a good 300dpi scan and the proper treatment by our experienced technicians. Many sources such as "Kinko's" offer photo scanning; this cost is also recoverable through your insurance claim.
As mentioned above, regarding mold and mildew restoration, in rare situations digital manipulation may be impossible. Decades of darkroom technique in black and white and color photography affords us remedies beyond pixel repair. Mildew can be bleached from a black and white photograph and then redeveloped to it original appearance. Other chemistry can reverse a number of otherwise hopeless situations. Each instance is a different one and used only as a final solution.

Certain wetting solutions can free up photographs that are hopelessly adhered to their glass protections with proper handling and technique. Contact us if you have this problem. Do Not attempt to remove the photograph yourself.

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Photo E.R.'s primary focus is the the photo restoration and editing of damaged photographs, period.

However, our experience in working with a major insurance company, providing flood and fire restoration, brought to our attention the lack of knowledge that the insured has when it comes to their precious memorabilia. In particular, their photographs, those antiques of the past and your history of the present.

These possessions seem to be the last priority when disaster strikes and in most cases are incorrectly considered a total loss.

Photo Restoration providers and quality emergency repair specialists.


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Photographs are as much of your personal property as your television, the difference being they are irreplaceable. With proper and timely attention, these memories need not be lost and forgotten. "Photo E.R.'s" methodology and experience in disaster and photograph restoration spans many years and scenarios, fire, water, mildew, surface damages including fading and discoloring.
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