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But this road is too spiritual matrix of terror, enveloped the world thousands of miles, the change in the moon and stars, as if it formed an independent space, this world blockade. Xu shortage opened his mouth, while silent, in such a short time, in a gesture swept several raids transmission landing point, then what what kind of strength? After all, the spirit of the hospital able to attend the contest team. "You are very cute, ah, anything, just come to us just fine. Dust, animal husbandry, sneer, Flanagan fingers again become dark. "Two little beasts. "Small animals, themselves have no guarantee, but also thinking to save?" Huanglong Supreme grim smile, finger once again point out, a viscous liquid was like a rainbow-like light from their fingertips Pushe directly tear space, mercilessly shot in the top of the dust, animal husbandry back.

" Li Xuan side of the pass, crane demon, Zhao Pathetic, who are the eyes over here, that look was actually a little look, which makes a pump mouth was dust, animal husbandry, it seems that this year he was channeling too fast, which is a must these keeping in mind the guy ah. Many people silent, Zhe Yiquan amazing to touch to the extreme, but look, it seems that dust, animal husbandry accounted for a little advantage. They will appear at the top of the Spirit that a battlefield hospital Contest! There, clouds gathering, will become crowded trend! Numerous spiritual eyes hospital, all will focus on this. "You are the first to participate in the spirit of hospital competition, so in the first contest rules here to inform you. "House of Wu Ling Zhou is ape.

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